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L&L Collection Story

Ever since I can remember, dogs have been my first love and my favorite thing in the world. As I grew older I began to realize the desperate need for donating, volunteering and fostering shelter dogs. Through middle school and high school my favorite activity was volunteering at my local humane society. Then as I went through college and post college graduation I adopted both of my two dogs and fostered many dogs along the way. My two pups, Lady May (Black Lab/Blue Heeler mix) and Lasso Lou (Rat Terrier/Basenji/10 other breeds) were the inspiration behind this collection and of course it was named after them. The L&L Collection is solely for dogs where you can find everything from health products to a Chewy Vuitton plush toy! 25% of this collection is donated back to local rescue groups. My goal is to rescue/help as many dogs as possible, my hope is one day I wont have to. Check out the links below to donate!


KC Pet Project - AP & Co is apart of the monthly donation club. https://kcpetproject.org/donate/

CMHS Pets - Lasso was rescued here. https://cmhspets.org/donate/

Dogwood Animal Shelter - Where I volunteered. https://www.daslakeoftheozarks.com/donate-1